Hitchin 2018

Please note, all drinks are subject to change until they are delivered on the Tuesday prior to the festival!

Brewery Drink Name Style Location ABV
Triangle GardenApple Juice Hitchin0%
Apple Juice produced in Hitchin
Williams BrothersPerryMediumWales0%
A blended perry from local perry pear trees
Williams BrothersGoodwoodMediumWales0%
A popular medium, blended oak - aged cider
WharfHard CoreMedium DryNorthants6.9%
Medium Dry , award winning cider
Sweet and hazy, a smooth oak - matured cider
WharfSide EffectsMedium DryNorthants6%
Medium dry cider from an ambitious maker. Now with a Still!
Village GreenCiderMedium SweetSussex5.7%
Medium sweet clear cider
Village GreenTurner's HillMedium DryNorfolk6%
No tasting notes
Crisp, thirst quenching cider from the Blackdown Hills
Three SaintsLaughing JuiceSweetMons4.5%
Blended Perry
Rosie's Triple 'D'Wicked WaspMedium SweetN. Wales7.2%
Blended Cider. All Cider makers get stung!
Springherne CiderCherry Pomagne and Strawberry NormanMediumHerefs6.3%
A distinct blend of 2 named cider apples.
Richard's Real CiderEve's TemptationHerts6%
No tasting notes
Richard's Real CiderWonky DonkeyHerts6.5%
No tasting notes
No tasting notes
A blended perry from local perry pear trees
Palmer's UplandRubber ChickenMedium DryGwent7%
A medium dry blended cider
Palmer's UplandTy DuDryGwent7%
A dry cyder, - made with apples and honey
From a single variety 'Brandy' pear
Palmer's UplandCheeky JackdawSweetGwent6.5%
A blended , sweet cider
MeareRum CaskMedium DrySoms6.4%
Matured in a rum cask
traditionally made farmhouse cider
PagettGolden SlipperGloucs7%
Blended cider from a new, small cider maker
MayflyGold RushDryHerts7.5%
Dry, mellow cider
MayflyLilly the PinkMedium DryHerts7%
This is a medium dry cider which has been sweetened.  It is naturally a pale pink since the apples it was made with are pink fleshed. 
Llanblethian OrchardsMay DaySweetWales6%
Sharp, very sweet cider with good apple pie flavour
Llanblethian OrchardsSunshineMediumWales6%
Fruity medium cider with a pleasant appley finish
Kent Cider CoToffee AppleMediumKent5.5%
whole juice cider sweetend with the flavour of toffee
Kent Cider CoRhubarbMediumKent5%
Cider flavoured with the juice of crushed rhubarb
Kent Cider CoElderflowerMediumKent5.5%
Cider flavoured with the juice of crushed elderflowers
JohnsonSummer HazeMediumKent0%
Blended cider from apple trees grown on the Isle of Sheppey
Honeypot FarmMorgan SweetMediumSoms0%
Single variety cider from the Morgan apple
Multi - award winning makers of perry
Dudda's TunSalted CaramelMediumKent0%
Whole Juice cider sweetened with caremel and a pinch of salt
GreyfieldRepeat PrescriptionMediumSoms0%
Traditional farm cider
DeeRichard's CiderMedium SweetFlint0%
S- Golden in colour with a slight natural haze. M- Good blend of sweetness and acidity
Day's CottageBrandy PerryMediumGloucs7.5%
Single variety 'Brandy' perry
Day's CottageMedium CiderMediumGloucs0%
A medium farmhouse cider
Courtney's of WhimpleSilly CowSweetDevon4.5%
Blended cider using apples from the ole Whiteway's Orchards
Courtney's of WhimplePrize BullDryDevon6%
Blended cider using apples from the ole Whiteway's Orchards
Colcombe HouseRoaring RocksMedium DryHerefs4.8%
Vintage edition, classic 'off-dry' style. Made entirely from apples grown in their own orchards
Cambridge Cider CompanyScratter's RewardMediumCambs6.9%
Medium Draught cider made using a mix of culinary and dessert apples. 
Arthur'sBone DryDryHerts6.4%
Dry cider made from apples grown on the Herts / Beds borders
Arthur'sArf & ArfMedium DryHerts6.4%
Medium dry cider made from apples grown on the Herts / Beds borders
Apple CottageRatterDryHerts7%
A unique blend of russet desert apples, creating a smooth cider. Named after a friends Jack Russel who believed he was the best rat catcher in Hertfordshire.
Apple CottageSpecial BranchMedium SweetHerts6.7%
Made with a blend of Falstaff apples naturally pale cider well balanced with a real appley flavour. Named after our dear friend Frank Smith who 17 years ago started making Cider with us. Frank sadly passed away suddenly, but will be remembered by all is freinds and family and work mates in the Specal Branch.
Apple CottageKTMedium SweetHerts6%
Made from a single variety Katy apple, fruity, appley aroma, well balanced finish, very light straw in colour with exceptional taste easy to drink
Apple CottageFred's PerryMediumHerts7%
Award winning perry
Apple CottageApple JuiceMedium SweetHerts0%
Pure apple juice made from pressed apples. Cider before fermentation
A small producer of traditional cider