Hitchin 2018

Please note, all drinks are subject to change until they are delivered on the Tuesday prior to the festival!

Brewery Drink Name Style Location ABV
1 OakhamHawse BucklerDark Ale5.6%
2 OakhamMompessons GoldStrong Ale5.2%
3 OakhamBlue SkiesIPA6%
4 OakhamBlack Hole PorterPorter5.5%
5 OakhamScarlet MacawAmerican Pale Ale4.4%
6 OakhamInfernoGolden4%
7 OakhamAmerican Red RyeRed Ale4.2%
8 OakhamTranquillity LPALunar Pale Ale6.5%
9 Elusive BrewingTiki (unfined)Double IPA8%
10 Aylsbury BrewingBlood MoonRed IPAAylesbury4.5%
Rich Red IPA
11 BOGBarking SpiderMildStevenage3.7%
Dark Mild
12 BuntingfordTwitchellBitterTherfield3.8%
Golden ale with a blend of hops to give a refreshingly balanced fruity aftertaste.
13 Buntingford92 SquadronBest BitterTherfield4.5%
A copper-hued premium best bitter, Brewed with a blend of hops from both the UK & USA for a refreshing hoppy finish.
14 Garden CityEkuanot Pale [UF]Pale AleLetchworth4.4%
Mid strength Pale made with Ekuanot Hops from the US - fruity flavours and a refreshing finish
15 Garden CityFlapjack [UF]GoldenLetchworth4.8%
Golden Beer brewed only once every year using oats and local honey from Cardona & Son
16 Hillfire3CAmber AleAylesbury3.9%
Made with three US hops (Columbus, Chinook, Cascade).
17 HillfireSpecial RelationshipGoldenAylesbury4.3%
A perfect union of UK barley malt and US hops, resulting in a hoppy pale ale, with subtle orange/lemon/grapefruit flavours
18 Kelchner BreweryLocal is LekkerAmpthill3.9%
19 Kelchner BreweryAfter DarkDark AleAmpthill4.8%
20 Leighton BuzzardBedfordshire BestBitterLeighton Buzzard4.1%
Brewed with Marris Otter Pale Malt and 3 different English hops.
21 Leighton BuzzardDirty HarrySpecialityLeighton Buzzard4.5%
Special for Harry and Meghan’s wedding
22 New RiverTwin SpringGoldenHoddesdon4%
Golden ale, with a light creamy head. Brewed with Caramalt providing mellow, caramel flavours and NZ Wai-iti hops creating a wonderful aroma of mandarin, lemon and lime zest
23 New RiverRiverbed RedAmber AleHoddesdon4.2%
A full-flavoured Amber Ale made with speciality malts from Germany, balanced by a rich mix of international hops.
24 New RiverBlind PoetPorterHoddesdon4.5%
With its four malt varieties providing lightly smoked, liquorice and chocolatey flavours, we imagine our smooth, dark Porter would have provided the perfect tonic for Lamb's 'blind' poet after his mishap.
25 PapworthKouraWheatEarith5.6%
A strong wheat beer
26 PapworthRed KiteIPAEarith4.7%
Well balanced with four different malts and a long, strong hop finish, bursting with tropical fruit flavours from the gratuitous overuse of hops
27 Rocket AlesKomet BierKolschGt Staughton3.8%
German Kolsch Style IPA brewed with 5 German Noble hops and Pilsner
28 Rocket AlesBlack ArrowPorterGt Staughton4%
Beautiful Smoky Porter
29 TringColossusSingle HopTring4.2%
Citra added throughout the boil and then dry hopped post fermentation, this amber ale is showcasing the intense tropical-fruit and grapefruit flavours of this hop variety.
30 TringEnigmaBitterTring3.8%
Aromatic malt bestows a unique colour and deep flavour to this red-amber ale. Combine this with Endeavour and Jester hops and you arrive at an extremely flavoursome yet balanced beer.
31 ValeBlack Swan MildMildBrill3.9%
Dark and smooth with hints of chocolate and coffee, with a soft rounded malt finish.
32 XTSeventeenSingle HopLong Crendon4.5%
A single Hop Pale Ale - Hopped with North American Citra Hops
33 XTSwallowAmerican Pale AleLong Crendon4.6%
East Coast Pale Ale
34Aylsbury BrewingSilver FernNZPAAylesbury3.7%
This limited edition blonde coloured NZ pale ale has juicy tropical fruit flavours showcasing the best of NZ hops.
35AbbeydaleCitrus SaisonSaisonShefield7.2%
Farmhouse saison cased with Kaffir Lime leaves.
36BinghamsCitra SummitExtra Pale AleBerks4.5%
Blend of citrus and tropical fruit hops.
37AbbeydaleVoyager 9 [Cloudy]IPAShefield5.6%
Hopped with Simcoe, Centennial and Citra
38BinghamsTwyford TippleBitterBerks3.7%
Tawny coloured bitter with a citrus hop finish
39AbbeydaleWanderer 3 [Cloudy]SpecialityShefield4.5%
Bergamot and Grapefruit tea beer
40CoastalMerry Maidens MildMildCornwell4%
Classic dark mild with a good chocolate malt flavour.
41ArborMosaic Single-Hop (GF)Pale AleBristol4%
Gluten Free single hopped pale
42CoastalCornish BronzeBitterCornwell3.7%
A traditional bitter brewed with Maris Otter, crystal and chocolate malts blended with choice hops.
43ArborDunning KrugerPale AleBristol4.8%
An easy drinking pale ale, brewed with American and Australian hops. It has flavours and aromas of mango, passionfruit and lime.
44BrewsmithCascadeUltra-Pale AleLancashire3.9%
An ultra pale session ale with Cascade, Bravo, Crystal & Ekuanot hops.
45First ChopHOP (GF)GoldenManchester4.1%
An ultra pale ale born from a love of hops. Four varieties of whole hops from the US and one from Slovenia are added through the boil and finally to the hop-back.
46CampervanNorth Eastern [Hazy]Table BeerScotland3.6%
A New England Table Pale Ale. Slightly hazy with a fruity hop character.
47GoachersFine LightBitterKent3.7%
A pale golden brown bitter with a strong floral hoppy aroma and aftertaste. A hoppy and moderately malty session beer.
48CampervanThe Hoppy BotanistSpecialityScotland3.8%
Rhubarb crumble and custard Pale Ale.
49GoachersSilver StarGoldenKent4.5%
Goacher's palest ale! First produced in 2008 to celebrate their 25th anniversary, this summer ale is hopped with choice Kent Fuggles.
50Great HeckTreasure IPAIPAYorkshire4.8%
This golden IPA has low to moderate bitterness and very distinctive tropical fruit notes from the premium American hops used in its production. Smooth, hoppy goodness.
A pale yellow ale. With a fruity & raspberry hint on the palate. A citrus& zesty nose.
52Green JackMandarina Orange WheatWheat BeerSuffolk4.2%
A bright golden 'wheat' beer, brewed with 40% wheat malt and a combination of fresh and dry orange peels. Mandarina has a restrained zesty citrus flavours from the hops and the peels, balanced with soft sweetness from the wheat malt.
53GraftonSilhouette Vanilla BeerSpecialityNotts4%
A pale yellow coloured ale which is brewed with vanilla pods. Easy drinking and refreshing.
54GunProject Babylon [Hazy]American Pale AleSussex4.6%
A classic American Pale Ale brewed using a combination of very pale malts and American hops. Vibrant, refreshing and zesty on the nose, with citrus notes and a dry finish on the palate
56HardknottNeutron OlicanaCumbria4%
57KentJesterSingle HopKent4.5%
Single Hop using the new local hop, Jester
58HardknottLux BorealisPale AleCumbria3.8%
Brewed using Auroa hops, which are grown in Slovenia and this give a crisp central european feel to the beer.
59KentProhibitionAmerican IPAKent4.8%
60Heavy IndustryElectric MountainBitterWales3.8%
A copper coloured beer, using Pale and Crystal malts. Hopped with Czech and German hops for an up front bitterness.
61KnopsEast Coast PalePale AleScotland3.8%
A straw coloured balanced and light sessionable pale ale. Fuggle hops are used for bittering while the more delicate Bobek and Hersbruker hops are used for aroma and flavour.
62Hop StudioBlondeGoldenYorkshire3.5%
A cracking citrus and gooseberry driven pale blonde session ale.  
63Long ManLong BlondeGoldenSussex3.8%
A light coloured golden Ale with a distinctive hoppy aroma and crisp clean bitterness on the finish. Smooth light and refreshing.
64Nene ValleyManhattan Project GFSession IPAPeterborough4%
A light and refreshing beer with lots of citrus and tropical flavours from the Mandarina, Citra and Eureka hops.
65MallinsonsPilsner CentennialIPAYorkshire3.8%
Brewed using Ekuanot, Wai-Iti and Simcoe, this is a pale golden ale with a fresh hop aroma, a fruity New Zealand flavour, full bodied with a long smooth lingering finish.
66MallinsonsWakatuSingle HopYorkshire4.1%
Brewed only using Wakatu hops from New Zealand. This is a blonde beer with a light floral aroma, a smooth medium bitternes and medium finish with light hints of lime.
67Nene ValleyHopfellas [Hazy} GFStrong AlePeterborough6.4%
Brewed with lots of Oats, Wheat and Maris Otter Barley. Magnum, Eureka, Simcoe, Ekuanot & Chinook as late addition in the kettle and dry hopped with Citra and Simcoe.
68MoorNor'HopPale AleBristol4.1%
Ultra-pale, ultra hoppy, ultra modern golden ale with Northern Hemisphere hops
69New RiverLondon TapPale AleHoddesdon3.8%
The New River which has been London’s ’tap’ for over 400 years inspired this Pale
70MoorHoppinessAmerican Pale AleBristol6.5%
Californian IPA, this beer has all the rich malt and fruit flavours of a Barley Wine combined with the hoppy crispness of a Pale Ale.
71OddlyBeer [Hazy]Table Beer3.3%
Hopped with new Yakima variety Paliside
72Nene Valley (GF)Pulping On Your StereoOrange IPAPeterborough4.5%
Packed full of Mandarina & Citra hops plus hundreds of fresh oranges. First brewed with our friends from Pint Shop Oxford.
73RedemptionTrinityLight AleLondon3%
Golden amber colour with citrus and some floral hop aromas. Toffee sweetness and citrus fruit flavours balanced by floral earthy hop contribution, with a long dry satisfying bitter finish.
74Northern MonkFaithPale AleLeeds5.4%
Light in colour, full in mouthfeel and packing a resinous soft fruit punch, this beer reinforces your Faith in our beloved Hop.
75RedemptionHopspurAmber AleLondon4.5%
Amber Ale with some citrus fruit aromas, chewy biscuity malt flavours, slight sticky sweetness and grapefruit piney hop flavours.
76Northern MonkHeathenAmerican Pale AleLeeds7.2%
American Pale Ale dry hopped with Citra
77Old DairyUber BrewGoldenKent3.8%
A clean-drinking hoppy Pale Ale with a strong floral aroma. Full-bodied and full-flavoured yet gentle enough to make it a stunning session beer. Citra, Chinook and Equinox hops.
78Roosters24/7New World Pale AleYorkshire4.7%
Amarillo, Chinook and Simcoe from the USA working with NZ Nelson Sauvin to produce a punchbowl aroma of lemon, tangerine and gooseberry, followed by grapefruit bitterness.
79OutstandingThree Point NinePale AleLancashire3.9%
A pale session beer. America’s finest hops, fashion a slightly spicy, mellow bitterness whilst their southern hemisphere cousins provide a passion fruit aroma..
80RoostersBuckeyeSession PaleYorkshire3.5%
Buckeye is an easy-drinking, well hopped pale ale brewed with a blend of American and New Zealand hops producing an orange, citrus fruit aroma and a refreshing level of bitterness.
81PartnersAmerican Craft AleAmerican Pale AleYorkshire4.5%
Brewed with American hops, light and refreshing and packed with exuberant citrus flavours and aromas.
82RudgateBrew 42 InsightAmerican Pale AleYorkshire4.3%
Golden coloured American ale with an inital bittersweet flavour and fresh summer fruit aroma.
83PartnersFear of the DarkPorterYorkshire4.5%
sumptuous malty flavours
84SaltaireBlackberry CascadeSpecialityYorkshire4.8%
An American style pale ale, hopped with Cascade and Centennia hops, infused with a hint of blackberries.
85RedcastleCrusader Pale AleGoldenScotland4%
A pleasant all-round pale ale sweet and citrusy with floral notes.
86SettleGolden FleeceGoldenCumbria3.9%
Refreshing Golden Ale with subtle citrus and spicy flavours, combined perfectly with English malt.
87RedwillowWeightless - MosaicSession IPACheshire4.2%
Made with 100% Mosaic hops; pithy grapefruit and mango flavours with a well-rounded body. An uncompromisingly balanced session IPA
88SalopianGolden ThreadGoldenShropshire5%
A bright gold ale, using wheat and lager malt and flavoured with an infusion of aroma hops.
89SettleNapier NZPANew World Pale AleCumbria4.8%
A great quaffing session ale. Pale in colour, smooth and creamy with a good hop hit.
90SaltaireSouth Island PalePale AleYorkshire3.5%
A clean pale beer, with cool crisp fruitiness from New Zealand hops, grown at Tasman Bay.
92SignatureRoadie IPASession IPALondon4.3%
Super crisp, light and refreshing, and plenty of Columbus & Cascade hops.
Light and golden with a sweet citrus aroma, lemon peel with sun-drenched tropical fruits. Initially a soft, smooth taste to distinctive hoppiness with a twist of honey, and a long bitter finish.
94SwannayScapa SpecialPale AleOrkney4.2%
Three malts and five hops - from Britain, Germany and the US - make Scapa Special a classic pale ale.
95ThornbridgeLord MarplesBitterDerbyshire4%
Brewed using Dark Crystal malt and fuggles hops to produce a beer with an astounding sweetness. Tastes of honey and caramel, a gorgeous dark golden hue of colour, and a long bitter finish.
96Three BrothersThai PASession IPATeeside4.1%
A lemongrass infused, hoppy session IPA. This beer was designed to hold it’s own in flavour but at a noticeably lower strength.
97Three Blind MiceNothing Rhymes W OrangeWheat BeerLittle Downham, Ely4%
A Belgian style wheat beer using orange and lemon.
98Top OutSmoked Porter [Hazy]PorterScotland5.6%
Our Smoked Porter is full flavoured yet smooth with notes from both German smoked beech wood and Scottish peat, blending brewing traditions with an added twist of complexity.
99Top Out [Hazy]Drei Hopped Rye PalePale AleScotland2.8%
A heavily hopped Rye Pale Ale. Despite its low ABV it is a highly quaffable session pale ale as the addition of rye gives it depth and body. Hopped with Waimea, Rakau and Cascade.
100Three Blind MiceJuice RocketSession IPALittle Downham, Ely4.5%
Juicy, hoppy session IPA with mosaic, citra and Columbus.
101Vibrant ForestCambrian RootStoutHampshire5.1%
This dark beer begins with smooth waves of chocolate and gently roasted coffee beans before a sudden and explosive burst of rich liquorice blasts all over sensation away.
102TitanicRaspberry Wheat [Hazy]SpecialityShropshire4.7%
A delightful fruit wheat beer which is hazy in appearance due to the high percentage of wheat malt in the recipe and has light raspberry aromas and taste.
103WindsweptWeizen [Cloudy]WeizenScotland5.2%
A cloudy effervescent hefeweizen bursting with bananas and caramel.
104ValeStop Messing AboutPaleBrill3.8%
Light, golden ale with a hoppy finish.
105WindsweptAurora [Cloudy]Northern Light AleScotland3.8%
Light on strength but big on flavour, packed with the fruity characteristics of New Zealand Motueka hops.
106XTHopkittyPale AleLong Crendon3.9%
Packed with more Citra and Cascade than ever before. Bursting with intense tropical Mango, Lychee zest and citrus flavours.
107Yorkshire HeartHearty BitterBitterYorkshire3.7%
A sparkling clear chestnut brown bitter full of rich aromas of roasted malt. The bitterness and flavour of the hops come in at the finish to create a truly thirst quenching pint. A classic Yorkshire Bitter!
107Yorkshire HeartRhu Bar BeerSpecialityYorkshire3.7%
Dark in colour with deliciously fruity rhubarb flavours complete with a crisp aroma and refreshing tartness aftertaste.