Hitchin 2019

Please note, all drinks are subject to change until they are delivered on the Tuesday prior to the festival!

Brewery Drink Name Style Location ABV
1 6 Degrees NorthOmniumSession IPA4.3%
2 ABCHot Tin RoofHoppy Bitter4.4%
A hoppy Chestnut red coloured Bitter with intense citrus aromas.
3 6 Degrees NorthTakes Two In TandemDDH IPA6%
Wylam Collab
4 BinghamsHop Project SeriesPale4.5%
An Extra Pale Ale utilising a blend of XX hops.
5 AbbeydaleChai Tea Bang BangChia Latte Stout6.4%
Collaboration with Blackjack Brewery, Gentle warming spice combines with a sumptuous sweetness, a toasted backbone and a creamy mouthfeel, all wrapped up in a silky stout. (Lactose Free)
6 BinghamsDoodle StoutStout5%
A dark stout with a delicious blend of dark malts to provide a complexity in character which draws you in for another sip. Named after the brewer's dog, a labradoodle who's also very dark and complex!
7 AbbeydaleGreetings From Fort MillGrissette3.8%
Collaboration with Amor Artis, We added orange peel, yarrow and Cardinal hops, and fermented using our ever evolving house saison yeast blend.
8 Brass CastleMisfit - Chinook & Celeia4.3%
9 AbbeydaleForgeGrain IPA6%
Our collaboration series continues this time with our neighbours at Forge Bakehouse - an all grain IPA - based on an age old recipe
10 Brass CastleNorthern Blonde3.9%
11 Backyard BrewhouseThe HoardGolden3.9%
A golden straw coloured beer brewed specially to mark the discovery of the ‘Staffordshire Hoard’.
12 Bosun'sTell No Tales MildMild3.8%
A traditional mild. Smooth and mild this beer uses a complex blend of roasted malts to deliver a rich finish.
13 BrentwoodBBC1Low ABV Pale1.5%
Loads of flavours bursting on the palate from the mix of Columbus, Chinook, Citra and Cascade hops. Ridiculously drinkable.
14 Bosun'sRazamataz Raspberry BeerSpeciality3.7%
For those warm summer day’s Brewed with almost no aroma hops, but instead infused with a raspberry flavour from natural ingredients. The raspberry flavour is first on the nose and then comes through in the taste, but not overpowering.
15 BrentwoodMarvellous Maple MildMild3.7%
A deep red mild produced using pure Canadian maple syrup. Nutty roasted malts come through on the mouth leaving a sweet maple finish, with a light bitterness.
16 BrewshedBest Best Bitter4.3%
Our best bitter is a dark brown, full bodied, classic best bitter. It has a rich, malty, dried fruit character balanced with crisp bitter hops.
17 BrentwoodElephant School BlondeBlonde4%
Blonde beer packed with Ella hops from down under,
18 BushysRuby 1874 MildMild3.5%
A traditional mild. Smooth and mild this beer uses a complex blend of roasted malts to deliver a rich finish.
19 BrewshedPale AlePale3.9%
A light golden, clean and refreshing pale ale. This beer has a simple light malt character balanced with enough hop complexity to create a distinctive and refreshing bite.
20 CloudwaterBitter5%
21 BrewstersHopheadGolden3.6%
A pale hoppy brew with a fresh floral hop character from a blend of English and American hops. A most satisfying and refreshing session beer.
22 CloudwaterDry Stout5.9%
Green Cheek collab
23 CloudwaterHenry's Last Call4.8%
24 BrewstersDecadenceGolden4.4%
A golden ale with a hint of malt sweetness from caramalt. Passionfruit and grapefruit aromas on the nose. First taste gives a complex zesty hop palate leading on to a fresh herby finish.
25 Cold BathCold Bath Pale AlePale3.8%
West Coast inspired with Citra and Simcoe, tropical and mango aromas, refreshing and easy drinking.
26 Bridge HouseTequila BlondeSpeciality3.8%
A crisp blonde ale with sweet citrus aromas infused with real Mexican Tequila and lime which result in an exciting mix of floral and citrus flavours balanced by the bitterness.
27 ConwyWest Coast Pale AlePale3.9%
Dry hopped pale ale
28 Bridge HouseBridge House PorterPorter4.5%
A porter ale with strong toffee and malt flavours, dark ruby coloured with a very smooth and pleasant aftertaste.
29 Empire Brewing CoWhite Lion4.3%
30 GraftonFramboise Speciality4%
A pale yellow ale. With a fruity & raspberry hint on the palate. A citrus& zesty nose. A refreshing session Ale with a smooth bitter aftertaste.
31 ElusiveSpellbinder6%
32 GraftonSir GalahadGolden3.9%
The latest in the 'Knights of the Round table series' - A golden ale which the northdown hops gives a traditional old English flavour.
33 EmpireMoonrakers MildMild3.9%
A traditional black mild, brewed using Bramling cross hops for spicy blackcurrant flavours and aromas.
34 FirebrickPagan QueenBlonde4%
A dry blonde beer; some fruit blossom on nose; crisp and slightly fruity, very refreshing.
35 Great HeckDaveBitter3.8%
Dark, silky smooth session bitter brewed with copious quantities of finest English chocolate and crystal malts whose richness is balanced to perfection by the subtle bitterness and hints of berries from the addition of whole English hop flowers.
36 FirebrickTyne 9Black Lager3.9%
A black, cask conditioned lager, celebrating the famous and deep tradition of the Newcastle United FC strikers jersey. Available during the English Football season. A smooth drink, background pilsner maltiness and a hint of coffee are balanced by restrained resinous hopping.
37 HackneyBoogie VanWest coast Pale5.5%
38 Fyne AlesLost CauseBelgian IPA7.2%
39 HackneyUnicorn RodeoDDH XPA4%
40 Fyne AlesMaverickBitter4.2%
41 KirkstallThree Swords4.5%
42 GunScaramanga Extra PalePale3.9%
Refreshing, zesty extra pale ale.
43 KirkstallInman & HowgateHazy Session Pale3.6%
Vocation collab
44 IlkleyHopePale4%
A Hoptimistic Pale Ale
45 IlkleyMary JaneSession IPA3.5%
Made with high quantities of Amarillo hops this pale crisp beer has refreshing citrus aromas, perfect for a summer evening. According to the song Mary Jane was courted on Ilkley Moor bah Tat!
46 Leighton BuzzardCaptain Cook3.8%
A golden coloured ale brewed usijg a combinarion of ?english and New Zealand hops. Named after local cricketing legend Sir Alastair.
47 JoulesSlumbering MonkPremium Bitter4.5%
A premium beer, full bodied with malty and nutty fullness, hints of caramel giving it a round, soft, satisfying smoothness. The Slumbering Monk is a carving in the brewery's hospitality bar carved by Robert Thompson 'The Mouseman' furniture maker in 1932.
48 Mighty OakSimply CitraBlonde4.2%
A real treat. 100% Citra hopped ale. Hoppy Hoppy Hoppy.
49 KirkstallBreak EvenAmerican Pale Ale4.6%
Verdant collab
50 Mighty OakCaptain BobBitter3.8%
51 Little ValleyWithens PalePale3.9%
Light and hoppy with refreshing floral Cascade hops and hints of spice, orange and citrus delivering a delicious, dry, bitter finish.
52 Nene ValleyBlonde Session GFGolden3.8%
Light golden session ale with a refreshing citrus hop finish.
53 MarbleDiff Hopped Dobber6.5%
54 Nene ValleyNene Valley Bitter GFBitter4.1%
Smooth, full-bodied, pale chestnut traditional bitter for everyday drinking.
55 MarblePint3.9%
56 MoorRevival3.8%
57 New RiverRiverbed RedRed Ale4.2%
A full-flavoured Amber Ale made with speciality malts from Germany, balanced by a rich mix of international hops.
58 MoorUnited We Can4.7%
59 OakhamHelter SkelterStrong Ale5%
A strong, golden ale with an intense hop aroma and character. Hops and fruit oscillate above a refined bitterness.
60 North Riding BreweryStyrian KolibriSingle Hop4.5%
Single Hop Pale
61 OakhamCitraSession IPA4.2%
Brewed by the Gods for Heather.
62 North Riding BreweryEl DoradoSingle Hop4.3%
Single Hop Pale
63 OakhamSlovenian WolfSingle Hop3.9%
Melon, passionfruit and lemongrass combine in this single hop, pale golden beer showcasing the Styrian Wolf hop.
64 Northern MonkNorth Sea Sessions4.3%
65 RedemptionTrinityPale3%
An award-winning Light Ale brewed with three malts and three hops. Generous late hopping provides Seville orange aromas and the initial malt sweetness is dominated by citrus flavours which explode on the palate. Brewed with plenty of malt to provide decent body, so it has some backbone for a low ABV beer.
66 Northern MonkStriding Edge2.8%
67 Old MillOld Mill MildMild3.4%
A smooth malty and nutty flavoured mild with hints of a dark chocolate finish.
68 SalopianMojave PalePale3%
Pale Golden like the morning light, with a fresh aroma and a sparkling body that leads to a zesty finish.
69 Reedley HallowsNew Zealand PalePale4.5%
A New Zealand Pale Ale with hints of lemon, lime and a vanilla aftertaste.
70 SalopianPaper Planes Golden IPAIPA4.6%
A hazy floral full flavoured session IPAwith a mellow bitterness and a doughy light pepperiness. A lingering spiral of troical fruit, pine, and sweet orange blossom descend into an effervescent finale
71 Reedley HallowsBeer O'ClockGolden3.8%
A golden refreshing citrus ale with a pleasant bitter aftertaste.
72 TringHayloftPale4.2%
Amarillo Extra Pale
73 Three BrothersTrilogyBlonde3.9%
A light refreshing blonde with a big citrus kick. A celebration of three premium American Hops
74 TringFanny EbbsBitter3.9%
A highly refreshing blonde coloured ale, both crisp and dry on the palate with a citrus hop aroma imparted by Cascade hops.
75 Top OutAltbier [Hazy] UFAltbier4.5%
A German classic with a Scottish twist. 'Alt', as this kind of beer is often called, means 'old' and refers to a style which pre-dates lagers. It is a dark, malty beer with a decent dose ofGerman hops. Düsseldorf in West Germany is home to the style where it’s still made in brewpubs in the old town and beyond. Hopped with Admiral, Perle & Tettnager.
76 ValeBoom BoomBest Bitter4.3%
Maris Otter & Propino pale blend with Crystal and roasted barley to give hints of tangerine and gooseberry.
77 Top OutWolfPale Ale3.6%
Wolf is a Styrian hop which has characteristics of both European noble as well as new world hops. Using exclusively this hop, our Pale Ale is well balanced between citrus, tropical fruit notes and more traditional herbal and grass notes.
78 TrystPeach Pale AleSpeciality3.9%
Peach Pale Ale is a fresh, fruity and refreshing pale ale with a subtle hint of peach in the aroma.
79 ValeBad Hat HarryPale4.5%
English & American hops combine to create a predatory pint with a mostrous bite
80 WindsweptWeizen [Cloudy] UFGerman Wheat5.2%
A German Hefeweizen. Cloudy effervescent amber it has a massive bouquet of clove and bananas. Flavours of caramel, spice, sweet fruit and light citrus.
81 Windsor & EtonKnight of the GarterGolden3.8%
A flaxen-coloured easy drinking Golden Ale with a distinctive fresh citrus hop thanks to the use of American Amarillo whole leaf hop with its gorgeous orangey aroma.
82 WindsweptAurora [Cloudy] UFPale3.8%
A light, refreshing session ale. Dry hopped with New Zealand Motueka hops to offer a fresh, fruity aroma and a bitter finish.
83 WylamCascade4.1%
84 WoohaWooha Porter [Hazy]Porter5%
Lightly hopped using Phoenix hops, rich chocolate and coffee flavours which are wrapped in a mouth filling smokiness provided by the German Rauch malt.
85 WylamGalatia3.9%
86 WoohaWooha Blonde [Hazy]Pale4%
A traditional blonde ale, the WooHa Blonde is crisp and light with Herkules hops delivering bright flavours of melon and apricot. The clean, refreshing finish makes this real ale a true thirst quencher.
87 WylamJakehead6.3%
88 Yeastie BoysCaptain Planet5.3%
89BeerblefishLet's See What HappensNZ session IPA4.4%
Bags of Kiwi hops in this slightly hazy pale
90BeerblefishDry Hopped Best Bitter UFBest Bitter4.5%
English style soft brown best bitter but without fish finings
91BuntingfordSummer BreezeGolden3.7%
Extremely light and refreshing for a warm summer day
92BuntingfordColumbusSingle Hop4%
Single hop special with plenty of bitterness
93EnefeldEnfield bitterBitter4%
The wondrous bounty of British farming is showcased in this balanced beer which brings malt and hops together in a union of flavour.
94EnefeldLondon IPAEnglish IPA6%
A silk smooth combination of base malts combining characteristics of the sweet properties of the malts used with the bitter introduction of assertive hop notes, smoothing the way for a positive plethora of floral top notes.
95Garden City BrewingGolden PromiseGolden4%
Moreish, delicious and refreshing golden ale with a subtle citrus edge.
96Garden City BrewingBithday BitterBest Bitter4.2%
Really smooth and well-balanced chestnut bitter, brewed every year for our birthday in June
A gently hoppy Citrus Character which is lightly bitter in body with a sweetness developing.
Wonderfully intense, but rounded citrus aroma, filling out with splashes of fuitiness and a beautifully smooth bitterness.
99HitchinEdge of SessionGolden4.5%
Very Local brew, first time in cask
100Leighton BuzzardHoptimist CenntenialGolden4.4%
Single hop special with one of the best US botanicals
101New RiverLost RiverGolden4%
Named in celebration of our historic 'lost' river, this dry, delicately hopped blonde is perfect company to chill out with on a lazy summer's afternoon.
102PapworthRobin GoodfellowStrong Dark Ale5.4%
Heavy and complex malts softened with dark fruit flavours, leading to a distinct velvety hop finish.
103PapworthWhitfield CitraboltSingle Hop3.8%
Refreshing lemon and grapefruit aromas and flavours dominate initially giving way to a lasting dry, bitter aftertaste
104Pope's YardLumiere UFGolden3.9%
Pale malts, English and Australien hops give hints of passion fruit and pineapple, and a beer that shines out of the glass
105Pope's YardCreme Brule UFVanilla Stout6.5%
Madagascan vanilla and milk sugars added to dark, chocolate and crystal malts create this dessert in a glass
106PottonWiddershinesDark Bitter4%
Chocolate and caramel tones
French farmhouse ale brewed with rye and corriander. Naturally hazy with flavours of Banana and clove and a little pepper.
108RedemptionHopspurAmber Ale4.5%
Amber Ale with some citrus fruit aromas, chewy biscuity malt flavours, slight sticky sweetness and grapefruit piney hop flavours. Well balanced with hop flavours to the fore and an easy bitter finish.
109Redemption Little chiefGolden4.3%
Not as strong as Big Chief but bags of hops from the native reservation
110Three brewersCopperBitter3.9%
Copper Bitter
111Three brewersRubyRuby Ale4.3%
With five malts and five hops this ruby coloured ale has a lovely rich malty flavour and a hint of spiciness making it a very drinkable ale.
112TringPale + FourIPA4.6%
Hops, hops and more hops, although this is not just another one dimensional ‘lupin fest’. Cara, Munich and Rye Crystal malts provide a robust base for this punchy American West Coast IPA style beer.