Hitchin 2019

Please note, all drinks are subject to change until they are delivered on the Tuesday prior to the festival!

Brewery Drink Name Style Location ABV
Apple Cottageking LeonidasMediumHerts5.3%
A single variety apple, harvested from local orchards around Baldock. The balance of this cider has an excellently subtle apple flavour.
Apple CottageFred's PerryMedium SweetHerts7%
A unique blend of pears are used to make this flavoursome Perry with a smooth pear after taste.  
Apple CottageSpecial BranchMedium SweetHerts5.4%
It’s made from a single variety apple, Light in colour and slight haze partnered with a heart-warming apple flavour.
Apple CottageDiscover KtMedium SweetHerts4.6%
Discovery & Katy apples. This fruity cider has a pleasant apple aroma, well balanced finish and exceptional taste, making it an easy drinking session cider.
Apple CottageRatterDryHerts7%
A unique blend of russet desert apples, creating a smooth cider. Named after a friends Jack Russell who believed he was the best rat catcher in Hertfordshire.
Arthur'sArf 'n' ArfMedium DryHerts6.4%
A bit of a mongrel of a cider made from whichever apples people give to us or are available from trees close to the cidery
Arthur'sBone DryDryHerts6.4%
A dry cider made from Howgate and Crispin apples with a generous helping of Bramleys to give a sharp edge to the apple flavour. Fermented for three to six months then matured for a further six months.
Black RatPerryMediumSoms7.5%
Traditional farmhouse from locally sourced pears
Bottle KickingRamblerMedium SweetLeics6%
Mesum / Sweet summer straw coloured
Bottle KickingCross Farm PerryMedium DryLeics5%
Subtle pear taste from perry and culinary pears with a dry finish
BroadoakSloe GinSweetSoms4%
Sweet cider with sloe gin
Sweet but incredibly refreshing with gloriousfresh tasting pear and aroma
BumblebeeGribbleMedium DrySoms4.8%
Easy-drinking hazy Somerset cider
Organic, award winning perry
Cam ValleyDiscoveryMediumCambs7.1%
Days CottageFarmhouseMedium SweetGloucs6.5%
traditional farmhouse from locally sourced apples
Dorset StarSunsetSweetDorset5.5%
Sweet blended still cider sweetened with sugar
Dudda'sSalted CaramelSweetKent4%
Sweet sumptuous blend of caramel with a hint of salt to soften the acidity
Duxford Scrumpy Co.Coach House CorkerMediumCambs6.8%
Duxford Scrumpy Co.Sweet MollyMedium SweetCambs6.8%
Ermine's TreatWeasel's RevengeDryCambs5.5%
GwatkinPerryMedium DryHerefs7%
Old fashioned varieties harvested from the few remaining pear orchards
Harry'sPrince HarryMedium SweetSoms4%
Medium sweet ginger cider - not too hot!
Cider floured with the juice of crushed elderflowers
Cider flavoured with the juice of crushed rhubarb
HendersonToffee AppleMediumKent5.5%
whole juice cider with the flavour of toffee
Hogan'sHip HopMedium SweetWarks4%
Bitter-sweet cider with the subtle hint of English hops
Hunt'sHazy DazySweetDevon4.5%
Classic, handcrafted, cloudy - perfect after a days work in the fields
Lulworth SkipperChilli CiderMediumDorset6.5%
Infused with twilight chillies and sweet peppersfor a pleasant afterglow
Malvern MagicMediumMediumHerefs5.5%
Blend of cap of liberty,skyrems,knotted kernel, brown and stoke red varieties.Oak casked cider
MayflyLilly the PinkMedium DryHerts7%
Naturall pale pink in colour as made with pink fleshed apples
MayflyHasty KateDryHerts5.3%
Dry , light and fruity
MayflyHerts DesireDryHerts7.4%
A blend of Hertfordshire Orchard apples.  Dry with citrus finish.
Pale, dry cider
Meon ValleyHeron's crestMediumHants5%
Refreshing, fruity summer session cider
Mr Whitehead'sNovo Pyrus PerryDryHants7%
Dry but strong
NaptonScrumpy TartDryWarks6.5%
Scrumpy style cider from local apples - distinctive taste with tart finish
NaptonSingle Tree PerryMediumWarks5.2%
Light , floral perry pear from a 50 year old single organic tree
Oliver'sClassic PerryMedium SweetHerefs6%
Straw bright with spicy rhubarb nose
Orchard PigGinger & ChilliMediumSoms4%
Still cider with ginger and chilli
Potton PressPyderMediumBeds7%
Delicious and complex, made from the pure juice of Cambridgeshire pears, blended with pure apple juice.
Potton PressTrip HazardDryBeds8.2%
Made using apples that are naturally high in sugars, resulting in Made using apples that are naturally high in sugars.
Potton PressMediumMediumBeds7.4%
Blended from the best of the current season and vintage ciders. Complex and aromatic. Very popular rich and fruity ciders
Purbeck CiderKaty's PerryMedium SweetDorset5.5%
The refreshingly clean and crisp taste of Katy apples married with the citrus tones and floral aroma of Perry pears produces a distinctively quaff-able flavour combination.
Richard's Real CiderWonky 'Wild Hill' CiderMedium DryHerts6.5%
Cider made from pressed apples sourced from the villlage of Wild Hill
Saxby'sCloudy RhubarbMedium SweetN\'hants3.5%
Blended with real Yorkshire rhubarbgiving a sweet subtle finish
Fresh oranges with superb cider
South DownsElderflowerMediumSussex4.5%
Crisp, refreshing delicate taste with beautiful flowery bouquet
South DownsApple CiderDrySussex4.5%
Traditional eastern counties stylewith a pineapplely aroma
Traditional Wye Valley Perry
Tutt's ClumpRoyal BerkshireMedium SweetBerks7%
Celebrating local royal, Kate Middleton
Wise OwlMediumMediumKent6%
Taditional , smoorth cider. Apples sourced from Puckley - famous haunted village
WobblegateThe Book of GenesisMedium DrySussex5%
Cloudy, 100% real fruit cider
WorcestershireBroadway PressMedium Sweet6%
Triangle GardenApple JuiceHitchin0%
Apple Juice produced in Hitchin